Enchanted by the colors of Southern Europe

The second collection embodies the aspiration to craft a lifestyle and dining experience that exudes elegance. Inspired by subtle and delicate colors found in Southern European pottery, these ceramics exhibit a sophisticated presence that seamlessly enhances any space. They reveal the exquisite, gentle shades of green and purple, along with the faded blue reminiscent of the dawn of the North Atlantic. The collection captures the graceful yet resolute color expressions embodied by these ceramics.

In this collection, we have spun a fresh palette of colors using our uniquely developed, entirely recycled yarn to create the cloth. The “color coordination” plays as the hallmark of this collection, aiming to capture the European aesthetic by incorporating Lithuanian linen with eterble’s newly spun fabric. Inspired by the pristine morning light, the vivid and colorful series is poised to infuse spice and energy into the daily lives of all those who cherish the value of their time.

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Thinking of the Portugal Winds

2022 Collection

Attracted by the colors of Portugal, and an independent woman clothed in freedom. Our first collection is inspired by architects and flowers bathed in Portugal sunsets.