Daily Scenary into Vibrant and Enriched.

Creative Director

Hiroko Hayama


As a planner and a coordinator, Hiroko has fulfilled various dreams, hopes, and beauty of many women's weddings and parties in Japan and United States. She takes the lead in directing eterble with her thoughts about the tableware which she has gained from her experience. Her inspirations come from cultures and histories around the world. She directs to create sustainable tableware designed with modernity in order to pursue new ideas of tableware cultures.


World Service Co., Ltd.

World Service Co., Ltd. has engaged in rentals of tableware, such as tablecloths and napkins, to luxurious hotels, wedding and formal party venues. With the variety of cloth designs it holds, the company has been chosen from numerous party venues for a long time.

"eterble" is a new challenge; a home linen brand that is packed with savoir-faire of tableware making which World Service Co., Ltd. has acknowledged. From special occasions such as anniversaries, and home parties with friends, to daily use at homes, eterble aims to make each lifestyles enriched, through our high quality and beautifully designed tableware.